Making a carnivorous plant...feeding it is up to you!

Using Metaballs
  My toothy friend here with the Mick Jagger lips was made of metaballs, and actually made rather quickly, utilizing the powerful replicate function in Strata. The tongue and teeth were made in Amapi 4.1.5, though they could have been done in Strata with rather more difficulty than they were. (Strata _really_ needs a double sweep tool, and Amapi's extrusion tool, though it doesn'tallow beveling in the profusion of standard shapes that Strata does is infinitely more controllable.)

As always, texturing the thing took longer than making it.

First, lets take a look at the actual modelled object both in metaballed and unmetaballed state. This shows the detailed layout of the spheres pretty clearly.
 Part Two