I guess everyone's GOT to do it...Inflict their favorite links on the rest of the world, so why not me. After all I AM far more important that the rest of you web crawling maggots. I ususally start my day with a warm cup of mediocre coffee from the front office (damn...someday I'm gonna bring in my espresso maker into the office...that way I can have real coffee!) and settle down to read the piled up e-mail, and start my browser off to see Dilbert. Kudos for the UnitedMedia.Com people for finally getting a net connection that doesn't crawl. Then I head off to see today's Dr. Fun, a worthy successor to Gary Larsen.

With the motley collection of new, used, old, and incredibly obsolete equipment we have here at Pharmacy.Central this list of manufacturers comes in quite handy...and I don't have to maintain it! That's what I like best about the Net: sponging off the creative work of others.

Lesse...Wuarchive's been a favorite of mine for a long time, and now with a snifty web interface, you can actually get something from there once in a while. Alta Vista will find all sorts of things...cool, now I don't need a memory either.

I keep up with RL by reading the Reuters newsfeed, or CNN...even the Arizona Daily Star.

NL is taken care of, too. The rare occasions I get to read news is usually taken up with Risks Digest, an often funny, always informative forum for all the ways computers can screw up humans, and vice-versa.

A.S.R. "Down, Not Across" Don't ask.

Rec.Games.Design is often an interesting foray into RPG and wargame esoterica, much more informative than any of the loud, boisterous, and high noise to signal ratio of the other rec.games.frp.* shoutfests.

One of the consumers of my odd moments of free time is playing with my Apple Newton. It's an old Message Pad 100 (the Mac Plus of Newtons), but only cost me $90...I know, I know, I could do much of the same stuff with a $1 pad of paper...but the intrinsic coolness factor makes up for it. Besides...I can't fax things, get and send e-mail or dial into our Unix boxes with a pad of paper. What I lust after is a new MP2000...with a much faster processor, backlighting, 2 slots for PCMCIA modems or memory, and handwriting recognition that is faster than I can write. Clay Irving's Newton Reference is the first place I'd look. It has a multitude of well organized Newton links

Two places that can put a significant dent into your wallet are AuctionWeb, an online auction center, where anyone can offer anything for sale. Some really great deals can be had here. Onsale is more like a regular auction house. What's sold here is mostly factory refurbs, excess inventory, and demo equipment (Hewlett Packard seems to be selling their demo servers here on occasion). Again, some really smoking deals can be had here, but the bidding here can be fiercer than at AuctionWeb. Still, it's possible to walk away with a Dec Alpha workstation for under $500. No memory, hard drive, keyboard or monitor...but this is something that cost $6-$10,000 new.

A friend at work recently turned me on to Red Dwarf...now I don't know how I smegging lived before!