Well, what can I say. I work with computers every day, mostly Windows machines. I want them to stick around because they're job security. Every computer I've ever spent my own money on, though, has been an Apple, starting with my first, an Apple II+ way back in the early 80's. This has proceeded through a series of Macs on up to my current heavily upgraded 7600.
When I'm at work, I expect balky systems, trashed registries, and programs that simply don't work well together. When I'm at home, I don't have to put up with that shit.
My next Mac is likely to be a G4 Cube. It's going to mean getting a whole new set of peripherals, sadly, though since I don't seem to part from my old systems too well (I still have my old Apple II+) I may just network 'em. It is such a cool system that I'll likely not be able to resist. My main problem is that I want the 22" Cinema Display to go with it.
My current system isn't much of a slouch. I have a 7600 upgraded to a 300 mhz G3 from Sonnet Technologies processor upgrade, 192 mb of ram, and two 17" monitors. (the latter is very nice, and possibly the only thing that would get me to buy a regular G4 mini-tower versus a cube, so I could still run multiple monitors.) I'm a real cheapskate, and have slowly scavened parts from here and there to put together a decent system. A color scanner for $40, a CD burner for $99. A couple of horridly obsolete Syquest EZ-Flyer drives. One Syquest lives at work on my PC there (running MacDrive 2000 a slick Mac disk driver for Windows) so I have a nice 130 mb packet size sneakernet.
Favorite Mac places on the web
Ric Ford's wonderful news and info site, a daily must-visit for me
MacAddict Magazine. Official motto:'A better computer, a better magazine' News , how-tos, and general rabble-rousing for the platform. Plus a magazine sub gets you a CD with 4-600 megs worth of stuff every month. I've got it all back to V1#1, back in the dark days of the Spindler, mutilated and almost folded days of Apple.
MacWorld magazine, the other magazine I subscribe to, used to be the stodgy, boring 'Establishment' Mac magazine. They swallowed up the late lamented MacUser and dumped Andy Inhatko, the greatest back-page columnist in the world. But they've recently redone the mag, and it looks a bit better. I keep subscribe because evey time it seems like I'll drop it, they send me another offer in the mail "One year $14, two years for $20, 3 for $24 and a 30 year subscription for $24.37!" deal.